Alexandria Brown

Alexandria Brown is an archivist in training, a reference librarian by day, and a fiction writer by night.  She can currently be found pining away at not being at Steamcon, jimmy-rigging deer-proof fences, debating which multi-region DVD player to buy, re-reading all of her Jane Austen, re-watching “Green Wing”,”Free Agents”, and “Firefly”, procrastinating on her homework for her Master’s Degree, and listening to Radiohead’s “OK Computer” and Johnny Flynn’s “A Larum” on a continuous loop.

Brad East

Brad East is editor of “80MFL” and is presently earning his Master’s at Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of his favorite bands are Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and Radiohead. Feel free to check out his blog at Resident Theology.

Liz Frith

Liz Frith is author of  A Stanford University editor & production manager by day, she is known to manically giggle while abusing grammar rules during off-hours.  Very tall (some say a fraction zoo animal), Liz loves hiking up medium-sized mountains & mounds, eating ice cream flavored with bourbon, and reading from The New Yorker every single coffee-fueled morning.

Patrick Gosnell

Patrick Gosnell is the designer for “80MFL” and is a freelance photographer and artist in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of his favorite bands are The National, Ryan Adams, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Guster. Feel free to check out his business online at PKG Studio.

Jade Hoffman

Jade Hoffman is a London-dwelling biologist, writer, gig-goer. Past exploits include writer on a short film at Cannes, a study of photosynthetic flatworms, record store slave and more. She’s pretty much all over the place.

Blair Hook

Blair Hook is a music-obsessed guy from Columbus, Ohio — cubicle-bound corporate slave by day, live music junkie by night. His personal heroes include Charles Bukowski, Lester Bangs, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Glen Hansard. Check out his blog at Certain Songs.

Gabe Kalmuss-Katz

Gabe Kalmuss-Katz is a midwesterner at heart who is in the process of semi-reluctantly moving from Michigan to Brooklyn. He has already scouted out the five liquor stores in New York City which sell Goose Island. He works at the Red Hook Community Justice Center, and spends far too much of his spare time writing about music at his blog Songs Save Lives.

Dan Provost

Dan Provost is a designer living in New York City. He currently works for Nokia as a user experience designer and freelances for Pitchfork TV as a motion graphics designer. He used to be staunchly opposed to playlists and mixtapes (believing that “the album” should be preserved as a single conceptual unit) but this website is slowly altering his world view. You can check out more of his work here.

Katherine Rodgers

Katherine is a secondary school student from Northern Ireland. She spends most of her time going to gigs and listening to far more music than any normal person should, and her main aim in life is to get paid some day for being excessively nerdy about music. Some of her favourite artists at the moment are Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, M. Ward, Pixies, Bjork, Alela Diane, Joanna Newsom, St. Vincent, Final Fantasy, The Antlers, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Tallest Man on Earth and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. She’s currently writing some reviews for, twitters at, and feels very odd referring to herself in the third person the whole time. You can check out her blog at:

Marilyn Roxie
Marilyn Roxie is a 19 year-old music blogger at A Future in Noise and an electronic, instrumental composer. She’s just released her first single “Zug der Krautrock” (a tribute to the genre that Can and Kraftwerk both share) and is getting ready to launch her own record label, Electronic Angel.

Jen Shenton
Jen Shenton is a 26-year old wanderlust-filled, flip-flop-wearing talker of words. She’s been writing a blog since December 2008, and it’s very much a brain-dump outlet with musical conversations going on in the background. Currently, her days are divided up with her second degree, in English, and figuring out how to be a small, yet ever-growing fish in a gloriously big pond.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith spends his time serving up steaming cups of coffee at an It’s A Grind coffee house in Austin, Texas.  When not at the coffee shop, he enjoys tossing frisbees around, spending too much time in book stores, and finding new TV shows to watch on Hulu.  He is also somewhat obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman.

Pat Tremaglio

Pat Tremaglio is a 32-year old purchasing agent for Turner Construction Company, living downtown in New York City. He is a huge fan of live music and travel, so when he’s not working, you’ll most likely find him jumping on the subway (or traveling throughout North America) headed for the next great concert.  He also tries to work on his blog, The Tremagazine, pretty much every day, researching new (and old) music and sharing as much as he can get out there.

2 Responses to “CONTRIBUTORS”

  1. Methinks this list needs to be updated!

  2. Hey guys. I’m a family friend of Karen Baur and her mom just sent me this link. It’s right up my alley and I’d love to challenge myself to do a list. I think I could handle one of three of your “wanted” list. Rush, Weezer, and They Might Be Giants are three band I think I could handle. Please get back to me and let me know.
    Katy W.

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