80 Minutes For Life gives great foot massages!

Below you will find the current, fluid, amendable rules of for any “80MFL” list:


The total number of songs must be able to be burned onto a single 80-minute CD.


No genre, era, band, artist, or style is off limits; all are welcome.


To be eligible a band or artist must have released by the time of publication at least 2.5 albums. For example, The Arcade Fire qualifies with one EP and two LPs; anything less (and live albums, while able to be drawn from, do not count as an LP), we’ve just got to wait.


This is not a greatest hits, or a collection of singles. It is an ideal introduction to the scope and heart of the music of a particular band or artist. No need to draw mindlessly from “every album,” but be conscientious to pull from the whole spectrum. (If there is justifiable reason to ignore a portion of an artist’s career, that argument can be heard, but is a different story altogether.)

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